Bucktown and Wicker Park Engagement Session | Bloomingdale Trail | Chicago

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Bucktown and Wicker Park Engagement Session | Bloomingdale Trail | Chicago

E-Session in Chicago – Mandy and Chad

About a week ago we had the pleasure of photographing Mandy and Chad. We met them in their Bucktown neighborhood where they recently purchased an awesome new home. It was  a weekday in October – so we knew we were up against the quickly sinking sun. They took us to the future location of the Bloomingdale Trail. It us under construction and still 50 million dollars from being complete – but it is an awesome old elevated rail line that runs through Bucktown and Wicker Park that is being renovated to be the longest elevated trail/park in the world. We had to jump a construction fence to get up on it, but once we were there we found a beautiful setting sun, old rail lines, trees, and random objects tagged with graffiti – what a perfect spot for some fall photos – mixing nature and urbanity – we love Chicago and we love these pictures and this couple! Oh, and we found a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle cap – and couldn’t resist snapping a photo. Enjoy!

bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(1-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(17-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(6-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(20-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(22-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(27-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(29-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(30-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(31-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(39-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(41-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(42-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(45-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(48-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(54-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(62-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(65-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(69-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(72-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(75-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(81-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(82-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(85-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(97-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(98-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(103-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(105-of-116) bucktown-engagement-mandy-and-chad-(112-of-116) bucktown chicago enagement session




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