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Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tutorials. Let Pabst Photo help you master Photoshop as it relates to photography.

Creative Live | Free Live Workshops for Photographers

Creative Live is full of talented photographers eager to share their tips and tricks with us. Workshops can be expensive, and if you don’t live in a big city, then they are difficult to get to. CreativeLive has changed that and I have to admit that when I can, I watch them all. You can watch them for free while they are live, and afterward you can buy the workshop – usually for around 100 dollars – more after the […]

Speed Art | Photoshop | Trump Tower Destroyed

Speed Art - Trump Tower Destroyed in Photoshop There’s no good reason for this post. There’s no good reason to waste two hours on such a thing. That said, people love speed art and they love Michael Bay Transformers. I just kind of combined them. I Took a picture of Trump Tower some months ago when I got my new 5D Mark II. I figured it was a perfect picture to use for a speed art project. Though I will say, if […]

Photoshop Tutorials | Green Screen Compositing

Tutorial on green/blue screen Chroma Key Photoshop Compositing Steps in text below. Chroma Key In this tutorial, we  search the net for a previously shot green/blue screen chroma image. Make sure to search for a large image when using Google Image Search. Next, we have to remove our image from the background. You could cut it out manually, and might have to if the background is really complicated. We look at the background eraser tool in Photoshop, but ultimately decide to use […]


Tutorial | Black and White Variations | Photoshop | Lightroom

Photoshop Tutorial – Making your images Black and White and other Variations This is a quick video tutorial about a few different ways to make your images black and white, both in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Yes, there are more ways. We also look at a couple unique ways to get additional interesting black and white variations in Photoshop using duotones. This tutorial is for beginners. Some of the ways to make your image black and white can be seen in the video or […]

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Image Manipulation in Photoshop | How much is too much?

Photoshop Image Manipulation | Post-Processing Photoshop is an extremely valuable and powerful tool for tweaking images. Just about every photographer who shoots digital photography uses Photoshop. It can be used subtly and to excess and both are not hard to do. To do the simple tweaks like brightness and contrast and sharpening, the tool is quite easy. To do intense image manipulation, lighting, masking and more takes great talent, a good eye, and loads of practice. I’m not advocating for […]

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