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Chicago Cinegraphs | Pictures in Motion

Chicago Cinegraphs

Cinegraphs: uncharted territory for me, but I really like the idea. Since I came from a videography background I still love the art. Video is simply nothing but 24 pictures taken every second. The concept of stills in motion is really appealing. I think it is important for every artist, in this case, every photographer, to have personal projects–ones that extend beyond the bounds of the traditional. They keep us going, keep us fascinated, keep us exploring the art of photography. These are my first attempts and I have already learned a lot. The real challenge, as I see it, is getting a good loop, keeping the camera dead still as you work, and keeping the number of necessary frames to a minimum because the .gif format is terribly inefficient.

lou-michhells-breakfast-cinegraph-chicago Wrigley-Building-flag-cinegraph cinegraph-chicago-diner panda-express-cinegraphy-chicago night-river-cinegraph chicago

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