Necessary Steps to Becoming an Amazing Photographer | Funny Answers to a Silly Question

Becoming a Professional Photographer the Easy Way

Sometimes you will hear the question asked from someone just starting out in photography, “How can I take amazing pictures like…” Anyone who is a professional in the industry has had someone approach them with a similar questions because he/she has purchased a DSLR and thinks they are going to be making beautiful pictures and a fortune in no time.

I want to just SARCASTICALLY say, “all you have to do….”


Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(1)To Become a Professional Photographer

Simple. Put the camera in full auto mode. Depending on the model it will likely be the green one on the dial. Watch the Benjamin’s pile up.

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(4)To Become a Professional Photographer

If you purchased a Nikon, go buy a Canon because there is probably some feature on it that is going to make the difference. However, if you purchased a Canon, you will certainly need to sell it and buy a Nikon. The camera is what makes the difference afterall.

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(2)To Become a Professional Photographer

Once you’ve swapped your camera for its nearest competitor you can’t immediately start taking great pictures. By my estimate you need to have about 90,000 shutter releases before you start taking truly great photographs. No big deal because that doesn’t take too long using today’s cameras.  Just aim at something, take your 90,000 shutter snaps. At 5fps that will only take 5 hours.

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(5)To Become a Professional Photographer

Time for a new camera because you just burnt yours up snapping your first 90k frames. Now buy glass. Buy cheap lenses. It’s the camera that matters right? Buy cheap lenses and the most expensive camera on the market.

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(7)To Become a Professional Photographer

Purchase a light stand, umbrella and a flash. Use them for a short amount of time, then upgrade them for something someone else is using. Now we are headed in the direction of a professional! On second thought, do not buy a flash. That is a waste of money. There’s already one on top of your camera!

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(3)To Become a Professional Photographer

Take 10-20,000 pictures of the cat or dog. They are basically people.

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(8)To Become a Professional Photographer

If you have made it this far, then I don’t know what to say. I’m impressed? Now, you need to follow this step closely. Go out and do a really great photo session. Go home. Unload your gear. Go to the computer. Grab your memory card. Realize your memory card is missing. Search your pockets, bags, gear, car seats to no avail for several hours. Perfect, again, you are now one step closer to becoming a pro!

Become-a-great-photographer-is-easy-(6)To Become a Professional Photographer

Time for post processing. Filters and actions. Buy them all. Anytime you see a filter or action for sale, but it. It’ll pay for itself in no time. It will turn your photos into pure gold.


Occasionally, I get these e-mails from strangers and acquaintances alike asking how to be a great photographer and I’m never quite sure how to respond. There’s no shortcut people! Practice. Learn whatever gear you have. Shoot manual. Just practice.

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