Bride and Groom Portrait Before and After

Bride and Groom Before and After This is a simple before and after shot. As we were walking around the Chicago Art Institute we were looking for good light. We were just wandering the halls waiting to see something that looked interesting. I always look for large walls of color or texture. In this case, we stumbled upon a large wall painted black. We don’t find many spots like this when shooting wedding photography so I figured we should stop. Black […]


Artistic Night | Wedding Photography

Artistic Night – Wedding Photography using Flash This post has two purposes. First, I want to talk about doing an artistic shot to end your wedding day. Second, I want to talk about this shot in particular. When we shoot a wedding we spend almost all day with the bride and groom. It is a very exciting day to share with someone. You become very close to these people. You learn a lot about them. You have a very special […]


The Woes of Owning a Business | Photography

The Business side of Photography Starting, owning, and operating a small business is hard work. For those outside looking in, it might seem glamorous at times. It is not. There is this impression that you get to make your own hours, work from home often, and do what you love to do. There’s some truth to it all, but there is also a darker side people forget about. The self doubt, the uncertainty, and wondering if you are going to make […]


Before and After Bridal Party | The Little Things

Before and After, bridal party, and fixing the floor. Great photos don’t happen by accident. At least not very often. This is a very simple post, but I think it’s an important not to make. We live and shoot in an imperfect world. We cannot control our environment all the time; especially in the fast paced world of wedding photography. There are purists out there who think what we’re doing here is bad. I don’t care. I love the look […]


Bridal Party Pictures | Tips

How to take large bridal party pictures Taking large group photographs is not easy. Nay, doing it well is very difficult. It’s not something you master overnight. In fact, I volunteer to say it’s one of the things I still struggle with. It’s difficult. First of all you are trying to direct up to 15 people! That’s not easy. Secondly, if you are someone who just likes to shoot candid photography, posing a large group might put you well outside […]


Bridal Portrait Posing | Over the Shoulder

Bridal Portrait Posing Tip Posing is hard. In fact, it’s so difficult, I think it’s why half of the photographers in the industry are claiming to be ‘pure photojournalists’. Bogus I think. A true photojournalist would never tell a bride how to pose – they would only shoot the event as it happens naturally. That means, a true photojournalist would probably not be a very good wedding photographer. Most brides want some pictures where they are looking into the camera. […]


Retouching the Background | Bridal | Before and After

There are many things that make a good wedding portrait. Lighting, posing, background, just to name a few. Don’t let anyone fool you, they are all important, but lighting is the most critical. Light is what allows us to take a picture in the first place. It is a necessary ingredient to every photograph no matter the subject. So when I am ready to take pictures of the bride and/or groom, first I look at light. When I find good light, […]

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Chicago Wedding Photographer Prices

What do most people spend on a Wedding Photographer? The average bride spends 8-12% of the wedding budget on the photographer. Does that sound reasonable to you? The average cost of a wedding in the Chicago area is between $35,000 and $45,000 – so, if we assume the stats are true, and we use 10% as a guide, then the average wedding photographer in the Chicago region might be charging $3500-$4500. I know the totals don’t add up to 100% […]


Wedding Photos from Omni Severin Hotel, Indianapolis

Wedding Pictures at the Omni Severin Hotel, Indianapolis Some of the wedding photos we took at the Omni Severin Hotel located in downtown Indy. You can see the pictures in our portfolio of this Omni Hotel wedding. The four diamond Omni Severin Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, connected to Circle Centre Mall and the Convention Center.

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How I Got the Shot | Senior

Outdoors| How I Got the Shot I really wanted to share this photo from a recent senior portrait session because I love the way it turned out and I think there are several things worth pointing out. As we were walking the west loop looking for locations to shoot we came upon this long tree lined sidewalk that made a canopy. Immediately, I noticed how dark it was in toward the center of this long tunnel. So, as usual, I […]

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Photography Styling, Trends, Fads and the Future

Photography in the Past When we flip through our parents wedding albums we can’t help but laugh at many of the pictures. Why is that? Is it because everyone is lined up staring straight at the camera or is it because dad has a handlebar mustache and long hair and mom has flowers in her perm? Perhaps it’s both. If more of the photography focused on the un-styled, unplanned moments throughout the wedding day and the bridesmaids weren’t wearing peach-colored […]

Yorkville IL Chicago Wedding Photography Farm Barn (154)

Knights of St. John | Evansville Indiana Wedding Photography

Melissa + Jeff | Wedding Josh and I made the trip to good ol’ Evansville, Indiana for Melissa and Jeff’s wedding May 17th. It was a beautiful sunny spring day. Melissa wore a gorgeous Vera Wang gown, the guys in coordinating Vera tuxes. They had their ceremony at the beautiful St. Boniface Catholic Church followed by photos around town. We stopped at a local pub where we toasted to the newly married couple. To describe this wedding party in a […]