Polar Bear Plunge Chicago | January 26 2013

Lakeview Polar Bear Club | Chicago Polar Plunge 2013

A Celebration of shrinkage at Oak Street Beach:

Polar Plunge 2013 Chicago Pabst Photo (67 of 69)My good friend John Testa has been talking about jumping into Lake Michigan for the past couple weeks. This is not the first time he’s done it, but it is 15 degrees today, so for the first time in recent years, the water will be warmer than the air.This is the 12th annual foray into the freezing water. Despite John’s efforts to get me to join him, I’ve opted to tote the camera rather than risk getting the flu. Again. It is for a good cause–though I think most of the people are doing it for the rush and bragging rights. In actuality the donations and raised moneys will go toward helping a couple of families that really need it. I’ve witnessed the event and it is really quite comical. There are usually between 200-300 ill-minded folks who rush at Lake Michigan like a scene right out of Brave Heart screaming at the ice water like a foe. In a loop people go in, at least waist deep, some all the way under, screaming in what sounds like half joy and half terror. Please enjoy some of the images Jamie and I were able to capture. If someone stumbles upon an image of themselves rushing the water and would like a copy or would like their face removed, please let us know. Both would be understandable. Someone might want the picture as a trophy, while others might want the photo removed so that nobody discovers how truly insane they are.