Before and After Bridal Party | The Little Things

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Before and After Bridal Party | The Little Things

Before and After, bridal party, and fixing the floor.

Great photos don’t happen by accident. At least not very often. This is a very simple post, but I think it’s an important not to make. We live and shoot in an imperfect world. We cannot control our environment all the time; especially in the fast paced world of wedding photography. There are purists out there who think what we’re doing here is bad. I don’t care. I love the look of magazine photography. I know I cannot get magazine time, money, materials, and props, so I have to use the tools at my disposal¬†to get pictures I love. Sure, at the end of the day I am taking pictures for my clients. But I am certainly also taking pictures for myself. I am pushing my art and craft in a way that keeps me excited about it.

More Photography Tips

I’ve done several posts on bridal party photography. It’s difficult when there is a large group and there are many things to think about – but you can follow the link to read more about that. In this post, I just want to point out that in order for you pictures to look like the magazine you will have to use Photoshop from time to time to edit in or edit out elements in your photos. The work I do in Photoshop is typically not major, but it does make a difference. I am attaching a video once again to show the 90 seconds it takes to do a little job like this. The before and after is not dramatic, but it makes a big difference on a large screen or canvas believe me.

before-and-after-bridal-party-floor-fix.-1jpg before-and-after-bridal-party-floor-fix