Yongnuo YN-468 II E-TTL | Review from Wedding Photographer

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Yongnuo YN-468 II E-TTL | Review from Wedding Photographer

Yongnuo  YN-468 II E-TTL vs Canon 430EX II (Speedlite)

Seriously, this flash kicks so much ass. I genuinely prefer it to my Canon 430EX II. It seems like every time I use the Canon speedlite I’m disappointed or annoyed. It goes to sleep or won’t perform when the batteries are only half charged. The Yongnuo 468 doesn’t give me those issues and frustrations. I simply love it. I now have several of them and leave my Canon speedlites at home. The Yongnuo  YN-468 recycles just as quickly and produces 90% of the power in my unscientific experience. This is not tested, but I’ve shot with both extensively and this is my honest opinion. Don’t even think twice, get the 468 and spend the saved money elsewhere – you will not be disappointed.



The ONLY way I would’t recommend the 468 over the 430EX is if you are hard on your gear. It is probably not built quite as strong. That said, I’ve had a light stand fall in my studio with the YN-468 attached and it was fine! UPDATE: After about 10-15 weddings, I did have one of three die on me.

I am not someone who shoots only using manual flash or only E-TTL flash, but I do use both – on just about every shoot. Neither is better and I’m not going to go into that here, but I will say that having E-TTL is a really big plus. Another plus is that the flash takes AAx4 batteries as most all of them do, so that’s nice. The controls on the back of the 468 are actually easier to navigate and press than on the 430 EX II although I do most all of my controlling of flash from the camera menu itself. The flash also comes with the stand (not a big deal) and it has the flip out flash diffuser and bounce card.

I also use the Yongnuo Wireless triggers and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Below are some pictures / examples I have taken with the YN-468 II E-TTL. Some on camera, some off camera, and some in a soft-box.

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    • They do NOT do HSS; I own 2 of them, and it’s the only thing I wish they did. However, if you’re looking for a speedlite that does HSS, but doesn’t cost as much as the Canon/Nikon equivalents, I would DEFINITELY check out the Phottix Mitros. I got one a few months back and it is easily the best flash I own, and beats the comparable “name brand” models by about $200 in price. The carrying case alone is worth the price of admission! I keep it on my 6D for weddings with the YN468IIs on stands with PocketWizards.

    • I cannot speak directly to the Nikon version, as I have never used it. However, I can honestly say that the Canon version, which I assume to be identical, is awesome. I have never had over heating issue. I love the flash. I have several of them. I have zero complaints. They are so affordable – I have genuinely high praises for the flash units.

  1. I originally had the YN-468 (v1) and loved it… then it stopped working. After many site searches it was said that there was a capacitor that goes bad so I ordered some up from ebay which were from across the seas so needed to wait 30 days. I am a hobbyist and my kids had an event so I needed a flash. For $100 i bought the ii version and was extremely happy with it. Just used it Monday and Tuesday at a work event. GREAT FLASH for the price!!!!! turns out my v1 blew a wire off of the flash bulb so I soldered it back on and now have 2 flashes and love them. Great read…

  2. Hi, Josh! Great post and photos. I work with video but I’m slowly getting into photography. I have a Canon 5DIII and just to be clear: if I want to use the flash off camera with the TTL feature I need to use a wireless trigger? Is there any way I can use the flash off camera without using the built in flash as a trigger? Thank you.

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